Xiao Jean Chen

Xiao Jean Chen

CEO & Founder

VenturePole AG

Kategorie Diversity

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für die Karriere Deiner nominierten Person?

As a business and technology hybrid, my startup builds smart tools to make venture capital faster, better and equitable. My mission is to raise money for female founders and founders of color.

A researcher in management and ex-consultant, my toolset includes rainmaking, data analytics, mixed-method research and programming. I was a Google programming scholar, and took various courses in data analytics and computer science during my PhD.

I’ve designed and prototyped programs and apps at over a dozen hackathons. I’m also a startup mentor and investor.

Unser diesjähriges Motto ist „Beyond next level“. Wie kann Digitalisierung die Gesellschaft positiv verändern?

I wrote an article on how digitization will help close the diversity gap in venture capital on Hacker Noon: https://hackernoon.com/how-to-level-the-playing-field-for-women-entrepreneurs-c71235cd

Only 2.3% of VC money went to female founders in 2020, primarily due to the unconscious bias of investors – who with check-writing power are 97% men.

Algorithms designed with purpose can avoid this bias, and augment investment decisions to help investors make better investments. Investing in women is better because various studies have found that women-led ventures generate higher returns for investors. Please refer to my article for sources.

Das Projekt

I founded VenturePole in 2018, it’s a venture investment platform and venture capital firm. Our vision is better, faster and equitable venture capital; our mission is to raise for female founders and founders of color.

Our platform is armed with smart tools like our Investment Risk Rating, that uses machine learning to predict startup survival, alongside our Valuation Calculator and Company Strength & Weakness Analysis.

These tools are unbiased and factor in the diversity surplus, as well as help startups fundraise easier and investors make better investments faster.

VenturePole is the official partner of HealthInc, the health tech accelerator of the largest European accelerator organization, Startupbootcamp.

VenturePole is the official partner of HealthInc, the health tech accelerator of the largest European accelerator organization, Startupbootcamp. We are also partners of StartupMetrics, Swiss valuation and due diligence firm, IDA, American startup mentor network, Algoson, Indian technology development agency, Impressm, Swiss marketing firm.

VenturePole was selected for the Startupbootcamp China accelerator, the winner of the European Commission investment accelerator InvestHorizon, winner of the Mozilla Builders incubator, winner of the SIX F10 Fintech Accelerator, and winner of the Swiss PostFinance Innovation Co-work Award. We were also the finalist of the United Nations XPRIZE AI for Good Competition.

We are developing industry-specific algorithms and algorithms for team due diligence.