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Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für Deine Karriere?

As an entrepreneur I’ve been in the field of technology innovation for 20 years. I’ve studied business engineering during the glorious Dot-com time in the Silicon Valley, the center of the technology movement and visited numerous internet companies and start-ups. The Silicon Valley spirit representing the search for business enabling technology solutions never left me since.After coming back to Switzerland I founded my own IT company together with my partner, a gifted software engineer: Frontwerks.For the last 10 years we have been focused on data analytics (with AI and big data processing) and data visualization. It was – and still is- our task to find the hidden gems in the data and make them shine, so that they get the necessary attention and make their audience rich – in terms of valuable insights.In the last years, exciting new possibilities for data analytics and communications possibilities came up. Based on them, we have developed a brand new paradigm to share data stories on mobile devices effectively and efficiently. The solution is called It is my new start-up company.

Unser diesjähriges Motto ist „Beyond next level“. Wie kann Digitalisierung die Gesellschaft positiv verändern?

What is digitalization? For me, digitalization is the result of three major technological developments:Big data analytics and Artificial intelligence, Learning systems (machine learning), New communication channels (social media, instant messaging). Here in central Europe, we have very little natural resources like minerals or oil. Therefore, our main asset is and should be in the future: knowledge. As a knowledge society we must take advantage of digitization to enforce the knowledge of our societies. Using these technologies to our advantage to retrieve the right information from different sources, provide and distribute them effectively and enable efficient communication channels to spread the knowledge and to create new knowledge will the key to our long-term success in global competition. If we enable the society to targeted learning, it will empower the individuals and the society to grow and to succeed. Knowledge helps people, institutions and companies to prosper. It is the basis of social well-being, economic success and individual satisfaction. Digitization helps to create new knowledge (AI and ML) and to share it economically (digital communication channels). Information is always the main driver of positive change.

Das Projekt

While data and data complexity are growing at a fast pace, the attention span of information consumers in the digital age is diminishing. This striking divergence requires an intelligent communication concept to deliver data-insights accurately. It is essential, that we encourage non-data-experts to take the right actions based on insights from data. I have learned in the last years, that the people we want to reach, people with the power to make decisions, are terribly overloaded with information. So how can we get heard within the noise? We have developed a new data-story paradigm: Pointcast. Pointcast is considering the information needs of the digital age. The information is reduced, and it is available on mobile devices. Pointcast combines short narratives with data visualization. On top, the application allows the direct dialog with the peers with integrated instant messaging. Newspapers, companies and institutions can reach and engage their audience with modern, notable and memorable data stories which can be consumed very fast. The paradigm takes the latest knowledge of neuropsychology into account. Currently, Pointcast is being tested within larger companies and within a federal institution. Pointcast not only contains the application but a suite to produce the casts and to publish them. It is currently established as a Software as a Service (SaaS). I am convinced, that Pointcast will create considerable information value in the future.